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Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Aclas Pty Ltd. is the exclusive Australian distributor of the global technology company Pinnacle Ltd., Co. As a manufacturer and supplier of high quality technology products, Pinnacle together with Aclas supply the POS systems for many of the biggest retail stores in the world.

Authorised Distributor for 3M (former Federal APD) Parking System

Together with Pinnacle, Aclas has been at the forefront of point of sale technology and solutions for more than 10 years. In more recent years, Aclas was appointed the authorized Australian distributor of 3M Parking Systems and their cutting edge solutions for parking equipment.


Authorised Distributor for ParkHelp Parking Guidance System

In 2013, Aclas was appointed the authorized Australian distributor of ParkHelp Parking Guidance Systems and their smart and cost effective solutions for parking guidance and lighting equipment in car park.


Servicing Australia and New Zealand

Aclas gives you access to world leading technology and equipment, backed by a very personalised and local approach to service. All sales, service and support enquiries are handled within Australia by friendly staff with excellent product knowledge.

With industry leading technology, service and support, Aclas ensures your business is in good hands.



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