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  • Designed for large-scale and high level enterprise projects

  • Manage all NUUO product lines

  • Supports unlimited cameras,I/O device, POS, and users from any ecording servers

  • Powerful Real-time alarm management system

  • Up to 45 alarm types, 6 video analytic events, and independent alarm coverage

  • Built-in “remote desktop configure” can remotely configure any NVR/DVR/NDVR

  • Control unlimited matrices in the centralized control room (up to 64 channels)

  • Offers a video wall for users to get video and manage alarm efficiently

  • Unlimited clients and multi-monitor support.

  • Clients support popup live window and

  • Various playback modes; instant, remote, embedded, smart search for events

  • Supports 9 languages
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    Effective POS Systems for Real World Applications


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