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  BD1X Restaurant Display

  • Display the table no. (3 digits) that needs service and the service no. (1 digit), which improves the service quality.

  • Each service demand ([Water], [Call], [Bill],[Call]+[Cancel ]) has a corresponding service number.

  • Adjustable sound volume

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      CP101 Custom Pager

  • Coaster discs, with charger base (20 discs) and encoder

  • Customer friendly paging

  • Multiple alerts

  • Reliable pagers, Smart-charging

  • Ultra-visible LED

  • User-replaceable batteries

  • Unique system ID

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      SC1X Restaurant Display

  • 315MHz long-distance (150M) wireless communication

  • With inbuilt battery; Easy for installation and operation.

  • Simple service keys enable customer to send service demands

  • Unique design to insert menu or add leaflet.

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      SC2X Table Service Pager

  • Table based service caller pagers

  • Easy to use interface

  • Link to overhead restaurant display or to waiter wristwatch pager

  • 20M range

  • Ultra-strong vibrating alert

  • Perfect for outdoor or busy restaurants

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