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  Federal APD LPR

  • Reduce ticket fraud

  • Calculate parking time

  • Calculate fees for lost tickets

  • Control access in secured areas

  • Provide license plate data to law enforcement agencies as required

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      G-90 CD Series (Parking Barrier Gate)

  • Controlled by an advanced Omega LCD Controler with visual display

  • Two built-in vehicle detectors

  • 7 day memory and storage data

  • Tailgate recognition system included

  • Gate arm senses obstructions

  • Options: Third built-in vehicle detector, Totalising & differential counts, Automatic time zone controls, Directional logic, Hourly Statistical reports, Communications interface to ScanNet

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      INEX/ZAMIR LPR (License Plate Recognition)

  • State of the art solution for the most demanding of applications

  • Cameras and Illuminators provide megapixel images of license plates

  • Efficient realtime reporting
  • Functions in all weather conditions, day or night

  • Includes image collection, image analysis, data storage, transmission of data and images
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      LED Fee Display

  • Easy legibility for motorists (especially helpful in noisy environments)

  • Various convenient messages, such as Amount due, thank you, time, closed

  • Weatherproof enclosure

  • LED Display, 2.3" Characters

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      Passport 360

  • Operates with ScanNet system management software

  • Programmable with a PDA (personal digital assistant) via an infrared interface.

  • Optional Keypad, LCD Display, Intercom

  • Can function as a stand-alone offline operation

  • Capable of storing up to 3,000 transaction and status messages

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      POD500 (Ticket Dispenser)

  • LCD Display, inbuilt thermal printer with cutter

  • Capable of receiving commands from a PDA (personal digital assistant)

  • Prints man-readable and machine-readable receipts

  • Programmable via ScanNet Central management system

  • Weatherproof cabinet and display 

  • Various printable messages; Date, time, ticket number, lane number, language, fee, barcodes

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      PosiDRIVE (Parking Barrier Gate)

  • Left or right hand operation without additional hardware or tools

  • Various modes of operation; Pay lane, Free Lane, Pay/Free Lane

  • Unique fail-safe operation in case of power failure

  • Can be operated manually by attendant

  • Low maintenance design without belts, pulleys or limit switches

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      Ramp Controller 2

  • Keeps count of vehicles in multiple lanes or ramps

  • 5 Mappable vehicle detectors

  • Monitor up to 2 bi-directional lanes or 5 uni-directional lanes

  • Direct traffic by controlling up to 4 digital outputs relays eg. "FULL" Signs

  • Programmable with a PDA (personal digital assistant) via an infrared interface

  • Setup in various lane configurations

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