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  Auditor PowerPad4

  • Online or Offline processing

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Automatic or Manual fee calculations

  • Options: Accessories (cash drawers, barcode scanner, fee display, multi-station printer etc), Magstripe validator to read/write tickets and read credit cards, Ticket tracking system, ValueCard™ system, Voucher system, Fee display

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      Automatic Cashiering Terminal

  • Keep exit lanes open without a cashier

  • Various payment methods accepted; Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Parking voucher, Merchant Validated ticket

  • Receipt issued upon request

  • Three modes of operation; Cashier, Unmanned or Logged Off Mode

  • Weatherproof cabinet

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      Federal APD Pay-in-Lane Device

  • Operate parking facility without an attendant

  • Online and Offline operation

  • Self-replenishing coin system

  • Flexible payment methods (Incl. Debit, Credit, Merchant Validated, Vouchers, etc)

  • Options: Journal Printer, Intercom
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      Merchant Validator

  • Manually operated device provides time, fee and/or percentage discounts

  • 624 merchant accounts available<

  • Up to 4 validations per ticket

  • Reliable service for long periods of time without any special maintenance<

  • Durable metal housing with stainless steel pins

  • Ink stamp assembly with 3 pre-inked stamp modules

  • Hole pattern provided

  • Patron can collect as many as four validations per ticket.

  • Merchant is able to offer a unique incentive to patrons for discounted parking.

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      Universal One

  • Efficient cashless payment processing

  • Backlit LCD Display

  • Internal layout is easily serviced

  • Dispense or Verify magstripe tickets

  • Thermal Printer

  • Low maintenance effort, Easy to replace components

  • Online or Offline processing

  • Proven Lane Logic

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      Universal PS

  • User friend interface

  • Reliable, High quality design, Heavy gauge steel construction

  • Capable of a high number of transactions

  • Internal layout is easily servicedv

  • Easy to perform common maintenance tasks; eg. Changing paper

  • 15" Display screen, Reinforced LCD

  • Options: Prox reader, Credit card insertion reader, Bank note accepting, Bank note dispensing, Coin accepting, Coin dispensing, Lost Ticket function,Change Language display, Reciept Printer, Accept Vouchers

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