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Every business is worth protecting, no matter the industry. Every office, store, warehouse or showroom deserves to be secure from intrusion or theft. Video surveillance is more popular than ever before and is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. No matter how large or small the location may be, or how simple or elaborate the system required, we can provide you with a comprehensive surveillance system to make sure your business is safe.

Once you have decided to secure your business using our advanced surveillance systems, there are many different options available depending on your individual needs.

General varieties of surveillance cameras include;

  • Covert surveillance cameras- Cameras that appear to be regular items like a clock or a pot plant can be used to record without anyone realising.
  • Wireless security cameras- This is the most flexible option. They are small and discrete, easy to install, moveable and use no wires.
  • Wired surveillance cameras- Used for permanent setup in a single location that needs to be consistently monitored.
  • Night vision security cameras – Used for night time surveillance or security in a low-light area.

Other accessories may include alarm systems, movement sensitive cameras or lights and authenication devices.



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