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The centre has an enormous maximum capacity and one hall alone can hold up to 8,000 people! A convention centre of this size obviously has considerable parking requirements- being able to accommodate large numbers of vehicles arriving simultaneously is not an easy task!

For this reason, BCEC came to us earlier this year in need of an urgent upgrade to their existing parking system. It was a huge project involving all of our staff and technicians. Some of the equipment required included 20 barrier gates, 16 Passport Access Controllers, 9 Ticket Verifiers, 4 Auditor Powerpads, printers and software. Coordinating the individual pieces was done through the advanced software so that that all aspects could be controlled through the Powerpads.

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Aclas was able to customize a solution to suit the centre’s specific needs and to cope with the centre’s huge capacity. The new system has allowed BCEC to increase their revenue control substantially and keep tabs on their users. To check out the system for yourself, why not drop in to BCEC next time your strolling along Southbank?

Another of our projects was Robina Town Centre, in the beautiful city of The Gold Coast. This centre is not only used as a regular shopping destination by locals to the area, but is also a popular shopping destination for tourists. Naturally, the centre needed an efficient system to present to the global community. 

If such large and iconic clients can be handled efficiently, we are confident that we can handle any parking requirements you and your business could encounter. 


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