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Customer Testimonials 2011

If you’re considering buying an ACLAS product, why not find out what our previous clients have to say! Below are a few customer testimonials we have received this year, copied straight from the clients email or letter. Each testimonial comes from a customer in a different industry, to prove that ACLAS products really do work across the board.  If you have comments you would like to share about your own experiences with us, send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Stay tuned for more additions to the Testimonial page throughout the year...



I just wanted to send my thanks to you and the team for all of the things you have done for the Mater in the last few months. From price increases to system repairs and upgrades, problem solving and advice, it has been great to know we have your support.

I look forward to a long relationship with Aclas and on a personal level, the great team you have now.

      -Belinda, Mater Hospital



We began working with ACLAS in May 2009. After speaking with the friendly staff we decided that a touch screen system was definitely the way to go. Our store includes 4 terminals all controlled by one back office system. This allows us to keep control of stock levels without manually having to stock-take. Our business also offers many different promotions to our customers, and ACLAS was able to create a software system with many different discount and pricing options to suit us.

 The products work great and have helped us keep track of our growing business. They were able to offer the full range of products I needed so I didn't have to waste time shopping around. I was amazed at the range of point-of-sale products and accessories available. All the ACLAS staff were very helpful both during and after the setup period, and the technicians were always willing to help. I would definitely work with ACLAS again!


     -Stephen, HighFresh Supermarket



When I bought my Aclas ArmPOS point of sale system in March 2010, I was amazed by the advanced functions! The integration of POS and CCTV allows me monitor my venues in real time and enhanced the security of my business.  Remote operation function allows me work on my POS system anytime from my laptop. Even when I am overseas, I can easily get access and place orders from my ArmPOS and check the real time sales reports.

 The initial setup was done by friendly Aclas technicians and their ongoing support is second to none- With ArmPOS, we can easily track inventory between our 4 chain stores and reorder new merchandise with the click of a button. Managing products and our vendors is a breeze.

 The Aclas ArmPOS controls and reliability is a truly priceless return on investment. I would recommend this product to any and all looking to control their profits.


     -Ahmed, Brisbane Convenience Store



In September 2010, 2 in 1 Japanese Bakery needed to install POS system in both warehouse and franchise stores. After evaluating many of the POS systems on the market I found Aclas to be the most professional company to deal with and also the only company willing and able to develop software to accommodate my business needs.

Since getting my Aclas products for my warehouse and franchise bakeries l’ve never looked back! Aclas friendly service and expert advice make Aclas a great company to deal with. Any problem I have had has been solved by their trained technicians so that there was no interruption to my business. As we have our distributing centre in Acacia Ridge and outlets in Brisbane CBD, lndooroopilly, Helensvale and many other locations, I really needed our system to be fully integrated in order to manage my business well. Aclas was able to customize my package to suit me and my individual requirements. Having a modern, organized Point of Sale System has increased my business and made management much easier. I have now expanded my business and have continued to use ACLAS products for each chain store.


     -Jeff, Hito Japanese Bakery



ACLAS's ArmPOS Point of Sale and Westlake back office system have changed the way my restaurant runs. We have 5 restaurants and 1 central kitchen which means we need a POS system with both Hospitality and Retail features combined. We had been searching on the market unsuccessfully for a long time until we found Aclas. Their ArmPOS solution allows us to weigh, label and distribute from our central kitchen, functioning similarly to a warehouse. We can do stock receiving, stock taking and distributing like a breeze. And our restaurants linking to the warehouse makes ordering from central kitchen organised so easily.

Thanks to Aclas, now we are running a stable and efficient system keeping track of our restaurants in all locations. There are fewer mistakes and customer satisfaction is through the roof!


     -Debbie, Little Singapore Central Kitchen



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